Location: Finland

Home Tutor Need!

I need a good Igbo teacher who can teach my kids Igbo language

Driver Needed

I need a driver that can take my cars to the mechanic

Car Clean

I need somebody that can watch my cars

Car Clean

I need somebody that can watch my cars

Codewit Global Network Ry

The Codewit Global Network, also known as CGN, is an international charitable organization, which aims to promote youth education, democracy and human rights in Africa and beyond. Its vision is to establish functional literate communities in Africa to bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity.

Codewit world news

Codewit World News (formerly known as Codewit Global Network from inception) is a citizen digital journalism and communication organization and an outstanding, groundbreaking website that encourages citizen journalists to report ongoing corruption and government malfeasance in Africa.

Igbo union Finland

Igbo Union Finland- is an Igbo speaking people of Nigeria, resident in and around Finland. The Union is a registered Non Governmental Cultural Organization

Codewit publications

Codewit Publications is the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world, but also a very popular destination site where people are engaging with the webs best publications.

Portia Web Solutions Tmi

Portia Web Solutions is a website development and full-service Internet solutions provider for small businesses based in Vantaa, Finland. The the company was founded in 2008, with the idea of innovative web developments to cover all facts of web technologies and software development.

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